everything OK


One long now


made of circadian subsidence

I only have time for something profound

I have time, but

how high is the river tonight?


The keeper of the truth

lives upstairs, where the light is

this dirt has been dirt for a very long time

reaching halfway to the sky.


Photosynthesizing on the sidewalk

drink your flowers in my water

pollinators on backyard branches, blooming

come to my place, down the willow drive.


Dream of you, interrupted-

nobody else can say how the coyote feels

stucco edges wait to feel

the blurring melt of all things alive.


You're all caught up and

There's no one new around you

only the orchestrated hum

of the harvesting hive.


I've been thinking of you, and

that's as far as I get

mull it around in soft canyon sounds

not assurance, but a question-


I'll take all that I can get.